Our technology

dentalXr.ai stands for outstanding state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to support dentists in detecting pathologies and restorations on dental x-rays in a faster way.

Our machine learning models have been trained with one of the largest datasets of dental radiographs (panoramic and bitewing images) worldwide. A renowned team of dental experts from around the globe established a remarkable annotation base that led us achieve outstanding accuracy levels.

Product features

Teeth segmentation and classification

Detection of most prevalent pathologies (e.g. caries) and restorations (e.g. fillings)

Automatic documentation in practice management software

The typical workflow

Benefits for dentists

dentalXr.ai was built by dentists for dentists. It is designed to support, not replace, dentists in their diagnosis of dental diseases. We tested dentalXr.ai with numerous practicing dentists and they were extremely excited of the technology because dentalXr.ai:


Saves time for the assessment of x-ray image(s) and the subsequent tedious documentation of existing restorations and new pathologies

Provides support in detecting pathologies on x-ray image(s), which can sometimes go unnoticed in a stressful day

Fosters better and more trustworthy relationships with patients by providing a clear and transparent “second opinion”

The Decision Support Platform for Dentistry.
We support dentists in making better decisions in less time.

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