Our origin

In 2017, artificial intelligence was already showing promising results in medical disciplines, such as radiology. A team at the largest university hospital in Europe, the Charité in Berlin, formed to drive technological change in dentistry. But, one aspect was different from many other AI startups in the healthcare space. The team did not only consist of strong machine learning expertise of Dr. Joachim Krois and his team, but also included outstanding dentistry expertise through Prof. Dr. Falk Schwendicke, the Charité and its partner network. 

Two years later, dentalXr.ai is born with its first products for key dental diseases. Additional important competencies could be added in 2019, so that we are perfectly set up to achieve our mission to support dentists in making the best possible diagnostic and treatment decisions for their patients.




What makes us different

Superior accuracy

Our state-of-the-art machine learning models detect numerous pathologies and restorations with an outstanding accuracy delivering significant value to dentists, patients and dental companies.

Annotation power

Dentists from renowned clinical institutions around the globe are the backbone for millions of dental annotations that are the basis for our machine learning models.

Largest dataset

Through our close connection to the Charité in Berlin and other clinical partners, we have access to one of the largest longitudinal datasets of x-ray images, clinical data, socio-demographic data and claims data.

Our team

We are an extremely experienced team of dentists, data scientists and software engineers committed to revolutionize dentistry.


Prof. Dr. Falk Schwendicke 

Chief Medical Officer

Falk is the Deputy Director for Preventive and Operative Dentistry at the Charité in Berlin, Europe’s largest university hospital. His enormous dental experience coupled with his worldwide reputation lets us stay ahead of the curve in dentistry. Falk was recently appointed as the Chairman of the Society for Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry in Germany.

Dr. Joachim Krois

Chief Scientific Officer

Joachim is the scientific brain in our team. Being an expert in image analysis and machine learning, he drives the continuous development of our machine learning models. He was recently appointed as a topic lead for the World Health Organization’s AI for Health Focus Group.

Markus Hinsche

Chief Technology Officer

Markus Hinsche is leading the technical side of dentalXr.ai. Before, he worked as Software Engineer and Technical Product Manager at Merantix where he developed Deep Learning Algorithms for Autonomous Driving. Markus received his Master’s degree in IT Systems Engineering at Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam.

Sascha Gehrung

Data Scientist

Sascha Gehrung is responsible for developing our deep learning models and boosting their performance. He adds valuable machine learning expertise that he gained from working as a Data Scientist for several Berlin tech startups.

Martin Dreher

Software Engineer

Martin Dreher has worked as a freelance software consultant and is experienced in creating customized applications and back ends.
He has a background in Java desktop development, designing server client communication protocols and APIs. Martin is a lecturer for Software Engineering at CODE University Berlin.

Our partners

We are a spinoff from the world-renowned Charité University Hospital in Berlin (Germany). Our close relationship to the Charité and numerous other clinical partners allows us to develop outstanding and value-adding products for dentists worldwide.

+ numerous other clinical partners worldwide

The Decision Support Platform for Dentistry.
We support dentists in making better decisions in less time.

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